Demerara Distillers’ legacy of expertise, skill and passion for rum is being sustained by its current team at the Diamond Distillery.

The Master Distiller - George Robinson

With over 40 years experience in distilling, George Robinson recognises the importance of tradition, flavour and diversity - all essential elements in the art of rum making. Diamond's unique collection of heritage stills are his pride and joy, and he is justifiably proud of the huge range of marques that they produce under his skilled control.

"I have covered every aspect of rum production in my time, and this has given me more opportunities and excitement even than my life in First Class cricket. Run-making and Rum-making both need great patience, skill and experience!" Referring to the liquid gold that he holds in his vast rumstore, he observes "Yes! It is certainly a gorgeous golden colour ... but just wait until you taste it...."

The Master Blender - Amar Seweda

"I have grown over the years with El Dorado..." says Amar, "to become a true connoisseur of fine rum." Working alongside acknowledged experts like George Robinson and current DDL Rum Ambassador, Carl Kanto, he has become accepted as one of the most skilled Master Blenders in the world of rum.

"It is my task to select from the many marques that George has aged to perfection in our great rum store, and create the perfect blends that make up our huge range of award-winning Demerara rums. My aim is to produce rums that are not only delicious to savour, but are also consistent in quality from year to year. It’s a great challenge - but achieving this is what makes mine one of the best jobs in the Caribbean!"

The Master Taster - Sharon-Sue Hang

Sharon-Sue is a busy woman. Not only is she DDL's Master Taster, she also heads-up the company's Quality Control section as well as being closely involved in New Product Development.

"As Master Taster my daily task is to supervise a team which has been trained to detect all the subtleties of flavour, aroma and 'mouthfeel' we are looking for. These are the signature characteristics of each of the vast range of distinctive rums we produce. Quite a task since there are over 640 different aromas present in our rum. You certainly have to have a 'nose' for the job!"