The Demerara Rum Heritage Centre was created to preserve and showcase the unique heritage of Demerara Rums.

Ageing and maturing in oak

Even though in Guyana we have been producing rum for over 350 years, it used to be difficult to find many records or artefacts relating to this rich history. Demerara Distillers Limited therefore decided that one cannot enjoy a reputation for producing the world’s best rums without attempting to display evidence of their evolution. As a result, the inspiration for a rum museum was born and this became a reality in March 2007.

Specially designed and built on the site of the old Plantation Diamond on the East Bank of the Demerara River, the Rum Heritage Centre features a photographic archive exhibition, a display of original machinery and parts from our historic distilleries, miniature models of Stills past and present - and other important heritage pieces.

The ‘Barrel Bar’

Here visitors can also enjoy sampling from the range of El Dorado award-winning premium products on display at the unique ‘barrel bar’, constructed almost entirely of old oak casks - including the bar stools!

There is also a small amphitheatre where they can be entertained and informed by feature documentaries, related visual presentations and lectures on Rums by our experts.

The Heritage Display

Currently on display in the Centre is a real treasure trove. Items include a batch redistillation still that was used in the early 1940s, two hydrostatic pressure controllers that were used on the Savalle stills in the early 1950s, and a small copper double retort pot still that used to be employed in rum experimentation. There is also a classic wooden steam boiler manufactured in 1945, a plate heat exchanger and a molasses clarifier/yeast separator.

Bringing the whole exhibition to life are a number of beautifully constructed scale models of both the wooden Coffey still and the modern metal Coffey still, the double wooden pot still, the Savalle still and an interesting old Brigs gin still.